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About Us

Our Team

Our core team is led by an operational manager who holds a level 6 Early Years degree and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Studies at level 7. This guarantees the highest quality of care for our children. The remaining members of our team are all fully qualified (Level 3 Early Years Educators) and have completed their Makaton training, which has been greatly appreciated by our parents and beneficial for our children.
We aim to bring back magical play experiences and opportunities, while also raising our standards to meet the demands of an increasingly technological age. Our focus is on the holistic development of children, encompassing physical, spiritual, and mental growth. It’s about infusing our practice with joy, happiness, life, and soul, living and breathing it every day, and working together to cultivate a generation of mentally healthy children who will cherish their childhood memories.

Director and Manager
Alex Ataide

Hello, I’m Alex, i have been an Early Years professional since 2004. As the manager of ABC Wonderland, I take great pride in my work with children. My dedication to expanding my knowledge and skills led me to acquire a Degree in Early Years Practice and a Master’s in Early Childhood Studies. In 2020, I successfully obtained the Accreditation for Curiosity Approach, which will greatly enhance the learning experience at ABC. It’s been a dream come true to open ABC, and I’m excited to meet and embark on an amazing journey with you and your children.

Deputy Manager and SENCO
Louise Wright

Hello, my name is Louise and I have been working at ABC Wonderland since 2011. I hold a level 3 Diploma for Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) and have undergone SENCO training, which allows me to provide support to children with additional needs and facilitate their learning. As the Deputy Manager and SENCo for the setting, I am responsible for the youngest children under the age of two. Working with this group is incredibly fulfilling, as I get to witness them meet various developmental milestones such as crawling, walking, and talking, and watch their unique personalities emerge. Being part of the friendly team at ABC and creating a warm and nurturing environment where children can thrive and reach their full potential is something I enjoy.

Early Years Educator & Montessori teacher
Rebecca Phillips

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a proud mother of two and an expert in Early Years education since 2013. I joined ABC in early 2023 and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey so far. I get to apply all my knowledge and Montessori training to help toddlers reach their full potential every day. Seeing these children flourish, grow, and achieve their milestones is truly amazing and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Chef & Driver
Luis Ataide

My name is Luis, and I’ve been a part of ABC Wonderland since 2016. I take charge of planning and preparing all meals and snacks for the children, ensuring that they are not only delicious but healthy and nutritious as well. Additionally, I am responsible for taking the children on local outings, prioritising their safety and security at all times.

Early Years professional & Makaton Leader
Ana Centeio

As a mother of five and a holder of a Childcare Level 3 certification, I have always had a passion for looking after children, including my own family members and friends’ kids. When the opportunity to work with ABC Wonderland arose, I was thrilled and grateful to accept it, knowing that it would be an incredible experience for me. Since joining the team in 2020, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at ABC, as the world of working with children is truly magical. Watching them grow and have fun with us is an amazing feeling, and I am excited to create many more wonderful memories with the children at ABC Wonderland.

Early years Educator
Ellie Shilling

Hello, I’m Ellie, and I’ve been an integral part of ABC since 2021. My journey started as a work experience to support my learning in Childcare at Level 2. I’m proud to say that I’ve found my true passion working at ABC, and it has inspired me to pursue a highly successful career in Early Years. Through my hard work and dedication, I completed my Level 3 in childcare as an apprentice, and everything I learned at ABC has empowered me to guide and support children to reach their full potential while following ABC’s ethos and values. With all the support and guidance I received, I was named Apprentice of the Year for Education and Apprentice of the Year Overall in 2023, a testament to my unwavering commitment to excellence


We are continuously looking for the big next talent to join our ever-growing exciting team. Do you think you have the right skills and mindset for this challenging job? Get in touch

    My daughter has been attending here for nearly 3 years now, Alex and her team are so accommodating (especially for unorganised mums like me) always stepping in last minute to help and working around my chaotic schedule without question. It’s a home from home environment lots to do and every time we have time off my little one can’t wait to get back! Thank you all for making being a working Mum much easier you are all fabulous.

    My twins started going to ABC Wonderland since they were a year old. They are now 3+, and they love it. I am extremely comfortable leaving them with no worries!!! Highly recommend the ABC nursery to anyone looking for a family-oriented setting. You won’t regret it 🙂 Thanks ABC

    Safeguarding is exceptional. Thank you ABC Wonderland!

    The setting is well equipped within the family home, with 2 areas outside & 3 rooms for different age groups. The children are often allowed to mingle in the rooms, and it’s lovely seeing different age groups playing together when I pick them up.

    I don’t feel like a ‘number’, rather they feel like a family welcoming the children into their home. I add that 3 of the family workday ABC! This is invaluable in my humble opinion.

    They have the time to tell you about their day. Even though there are some children on their books, they take the time to tell you about their day. They have established lovely nurturing relationships with my children & the team enjoy telling me about their day.

    There is a wide variety of home-cooked food provided daily - to this end my children enjoy a varied diet & are very open to trying new foods!

    We are difficult customers in that we work shifts, ABC works with us and our varied schedule, unlike other more ‘rigid’ childcare settings may provide. I cannot fault ABC for being adaptable!

    My children have gone to ABC Wonderland for 2 years now (3 & 5 years old). The team provide a fantastic service...

    I have used ABC Wonderland for both my girls who are now 7 & 3! They both love going, and thanks to the staff are incredibly confident, outgoing little girls. I would like to thank Alex and her staff for the great work they do.

    Very human and open and creative. Loved by my son, you are wonderful.

    Quite frankly the best childcare you could want. From day one the team have been fantastic in supporting my children. I have 100% confidence and trust in all they do! Quite simply amazing!

    Our Premisses

    The setting is located in a blooming retail and office neighbourhood with easy access for commuting parents to A12 and A14 and at reach from the several businesses in the surround area. This makes us an ideal partner for the parents of 0- to 5-year-old children in their childcare journey. Our open plan setting is divided in 3 thematic areas, indoor and outdoor gardens. Our free flow transitions within the indoor and outdoor, empower children in independence and responsibility choices.

    Adventurous Kids

    Children are powerful learners, reaching out into the world and making sense of their experiences with other people, objects and events. As they explore and learn, children are naturally drawn to play. Play is recognised as so important to their well-being and development. This area is full of interactive games, arts and crafts and cooking classes to prepare our children for the future.

    Brave Toddlers

     We believe that Early Childhood Educators have a responsibility to support and cultivate their curiosity, giving children the confidence to develop their own understanding of the world. We advocate for taking a step back from formal learning and allowing children to play at their own pace, free from the pressure of tests, targets, and formal next steps.

     Educators can bring joy and happiness back to Early Childhood education, allowing children to explore their own ideas and learning styles through Schematic learning. Children are naturally curious and open-minded, eager to learn and explore the world around them.

    We believe that our mindful and forward-thinking approach to education allows educators to gain a deeper understanding of child development and the unfolding of a child’s true potential.

    Curious Babies

    Our mission is to go beyond mere aesthetics and create play spaces for children that truly inspire curiosity, wonder, and creativity. We proudly incorporate the teachings of Emmi Pikler and other pioneers into our daily approach to teaching, which is founded on respect and thoughtfulness. By combining various theories, we provide a mindful and heart-centered approach that equips our little ones with the skills they need to become future innovators and problem-solvers. We confidently encourage critical thinking skills and empower children to tackle challenges with confidence. Through a focus on play and exploration, we help children develop crucial social skills and connect with the world around them.

    Our Mission

    • To provide a safe and secure environment that extends and expands all areas of a child’s development within the six areas of learning, following the EYFS curriculum.
    • To enable all children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability.
    • To promote self-discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning.
    • To maintain the standards and guidelines set by Ofsted and to regularly reflect and develop our practice.
    • To encourage children to explore the environment and feel comfortable with the staff and the setting.
    • To provide a good working relationship with parents/carers and children.
    • To ensure good communication skills are in practice throughout
    • to provide a high-quality service that endorses and implements good practice and current government legislation.

    How we implement our mission:

    • By acknowledging and implementing ‘Principles for Early Years Education’, The Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Supporting Resources will provide many of the elements of good practice needed to meet the needs of all children in the Nursery.
    • Consulting and discussing with the parents how to introduce ideas for the learning required by the children to develop their skills and agree on actions.
    • Maintain an open and honest dialogue with the parents, acting like a “big family”.
    • Offering to the parents the means to give periodic feedback and views
    • Encouraging and actively promoting hands-on experience is the key to give children a great foundation to help them to thrive.
    • Split children into groups to focus on their different ideas and needs when needed.
    • Caring to watch and listen and shape activities that respond to the children ideas and hold their interest while ensuring they are developing and learning.

    The children and parents always have responded very positively to the changes that we may have made.