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Field visits

We thrive to promote a range of external visits to stimulating environments in our surround areas.

Popular field trips taken are:

      • Orwell Park – full with woodlands, river and marshes
      • Beach
      • Farm

Particular methods of teaching

  • Using the environment as a ‘third’ teacher.
  • The use of natural materials as instruments of cognitive learning
  • Include children’s culture and traditions in their learning journey and environment to stimulate their curiosity.

Teaching and learning to keep themselves healthy and safe

  • During the settling period, parents are welcome to accompany their children to help them understand safe settings and activities.
  • We conduct daily risk assessments to ensure the safety of the children.
  • We also teach children how to manage minor health and safety risks themselves to prepare them for problem-solving.
  • In addition, we promote a healthy and balanced diet while teaching them about food groups and nutritional values.

Encouraging self-awareness and confidence in learning